A smart amalgamation of art and design: the console of Charles Zana

A low piece of furniture for the entrance or the living area, the console is a small furnishing complement that at times plays a valuable role in the domestic landscape.

img.0Console by Charles Zana

As in this project by Charles Zana, who for a large apartment in Paris has come up with a contemporary reinterpretation of a typology that has developed in different figures and styles since the 16th century, while keeping its measurements and figure essentially intact.

One of the two consoles designed for this apartment will be showcased in the Fashion Library at EXPO 2015 until October 31. The consoles designed for this home have a very recognizable, compact geometry, featuring a “biscuit” form that repeats in the base and top, while taking on a surprising tapering curved shape towards the inside in the vertical development of the two main sides.

img.1Console by Charles Zana

Besides the volumetric aspect, another surprise comes from the use of materials, with recessed bands of brushed brass and a game of reflections triggered by mirror-finish and shiny black stainless steel, which tends to dematerialized the monolithic solid of reference, as in a situation of harmonic counterpoint.

img.2Console by Charles Zana

Born by the creativity of Charles Zana, consoles were made by Marzorati Ronchetti, the "tailoring metal" Italian specialized in the production of works of architecture, interiors, furniture design and unique in their kind.


Polished black stainless steel

Brushed brass

Polished stainless steel