Italian company Zordan wins the Bulgari Award


img.0Alfredo Zordan (right) and Giuseppe Caruso (left)

Bulgari Green Design Award 2014 went to Zordan, the Company settled in Vicenza - Italy, known as a major player in the production of furniture for the flagship stores of the most qualified luxury brands. During the convention held in Miami from 13 to 15th February 2015, when Bulgari met all its construction and furnishing partners, the management of the famous brand awarded Zordan Company with the Bulgari Design Award.

With this award, Bulgari distinguished Zordan as a high-level partner that has contributed also, along with the construction, to LEED certification of some of its stores, including the Bulgari Los Angeles Store. Zordan gained a foothold as a major player in the production of furniture for flagship stores of the most qualified luxury brands (not only Bulgari and Ferragamo, but also Tumi and Van Cleef & Arpels). To receive the important testimonial, this year dedicated to the theme of sustainable construction, were Alfredo Zordan and Giuseppe Caruso, respectively Chief Commercial Officer and Project Manager of the Company. For the occasion, we asked Alfredo a few questions.

How did you approch the theme of sustainability in your company?

I grew up watching my father work with wood, even when the aspect of sustainable building had not been coded yet, sustainability was already in all actions and all thoughts of our company. In fact, respect for nature and its rhythm was for us both essential and indispensable, since the beginning. At the time of my father, the furnishings were made of high quality solid wood and were finished with beeswax or linseed oil. The workshop was heated by burning processed wood waste. Furthermore, when the cabinet was ready, it was delivered wrapped in cloths reused multiple times.

What were your first concrete actions in this field?

In 2007, on the eve of the acquisition of the company by the current generation, we started to introduce the first consciously sustainable practices. We covered the roof with solar panels, initiated a process of document scanning to reduce the amount of paper used in our offices and reactivated the biomass heating system, now powered by wood chips.

What are the mainstays of  your current commitment?

In course of time, our company had evolved considerably and, next to the wood, we started processing other materials, but with a commitment to always adopt production methods respectful of nature, man and his habits. Our commitment for several years has been focused on creating a business model concentrated on sustainability and able to preserve values within the territory. Even today, we select our suppliers from the adjacent areas, we promote the responsible use of wood, we support the development of local communities, and we follow the philosophy of Lean Production, in order to minimize waste.

img.1The Bulgari Design Award