Good fingertips to win the global competition. Daverio at Expo 2015

How can Italian entrepreneurs win the global competition, exploiting Italian craftmanship?

According to Professor Philippe Daverio, there is only one way: through an humanitarian mission, through political project to spread education and culture. As a guest of the Zordan Group, one of the main players in luxury brand shopfitting, Daverio said We have to show what quality means, teach how to touch wooden furniture, let everyone see how fascinating a well-shaped metal can be. We have to teach people from Hong Kong how to touch and how to live. This is why teaching and humanitarian programs are needed. This is what Italy is aiming at. Your fingertips are what will allow you to win the global competition.

img.0Philippe Daverio

What matters, according to Daverio, is that particular ability italian craftsmen gained over time: they are able, just by touching something, to understand how well it has been worked and how excellent is the material it is made of.

At EXPO, Daverio took the other guests on a journey with him, through the woodworking of the 16 century, an pro-pagus operation by Papa Ludovisi, highlighting how the duty of Zordan is both economical and pedagogical.

img.1Philippe Daverio and Maurizo Zordan


We need to bring up our customer to respect beauty and taste. The only way to save Italy is through an humanitarian project