Optical patterns and overlapping shades: MONDO by Antonio Facco

Antonio Facco’s MONDO lamp is set to debut at Maison&Objet’s “Rising Talent” exhibition.


img.0 Mondo pendant and floor lamps by Antonio Facco for Oblure – All Images courtesy of Oblure.

Italian designer Antonio Facco created Mondo, a pendant and floor lamp composed of a luminous opal glass globe with four movable and overlapping steel shades with optical patterns. The new design for Swedish company Oblure will be on show at Maison&Objet 2018.
img.1 All images by Oblure.

“Mondo aims at being a product that invites to the interaction and gives value to the importance of the relationship between man and objet, denying quietly the idea of obsolescence.” Says Antonio Facco to Archipanic. Mondo – World in Italian – pays tribute to Eclipse, the iconic table lamp by design master Vico Magistretti which it share both the moving metal shade system and the reference to outer space.
img.2 All images by Oblure.

“Now when we see the finished product it’s hard to understand that we struggled a lot to find a solution for changing the bulb.” Says Antonio Facco. Because of the construction with a horizontal movement there were no obvious way to reach the bulb, but the designer came out with the idea of making one solid shade and to hide a hole behind it.
img.3 All images by Oblure.

“I believe that today formal tension alone is not enough to make a product relevant. You must add something more, something much more subtle and hard to define.” Adds Antonio Facco. “I don’t think people are buying with their brains. They use their heart as, in the end, it’s always about feelings”.
img.4 All images by Oblure.

Mondo will be on show at the upcoming Maison&Objet 2018 Rising Talents exhibition which will focus on Italian emerging talents selected by six leading personalities. Antonio Facco has been chosen by Giulio Cappellini. Maison&Objet will go on show from the 19th to the 23th of January 2018 in Paris.
img.5 All images by Oblure.

Gothenberg-based lighting brand Oblure – the union between the words object and allure – collaborates with internationally renown designers and up-and-coming talents to create unique objects that intrigue and surprise the beholder.
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