Scandinavia simplicity in a Copenhagen timber-clad office

Danish firm PLH Architects is behind the new offices for the Copenhagen-based oil and gas company Maersk Oil.

Copenhagen, DK


img.0 Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.

For PLH Architects, creating a truly sustainable design is at the top of the priority list, and the firm’s latest completion, the headquarters for Danish oil and gas company Maersk Oil, demonstrates just how it’s done.
Conceived as a single volume featuring a striking curved corner on Copenhagen’s Amerika Square, an area of the Danish capital that has been bustling with construction with some 150,000 sq m of new commercial and residential development, the office building was designed as an inherently sustainable space. Here, ‘users and organisations thrive’, explain the architects. Planned to encourage collaboration across the company’s diverse businesses, the space is aimed at improving the employees’ work life, while being flexible and functional.
img.1 The architects wanted to create a space that improves the employees' quality of life and encourages collaboration. Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.

This does not mean any compromise in terms of aesthetics. Rocking a warm, Scandinavian look of sophisticated simplicity, the offices are clad in light coloured timber – a seamless skin of ash acoustic battens that wrap the interiors unifying a coherent whole. This, and its white plaster finishes and large openings (including long strip windows and a glass-topped atrium at its heart), make for an impressively light interior that feels both stylish and serene.
img.2 Located on the city's Amerika Square, on the centre's northern edge, the building features a distinctive curved corner. Photography: Rozbeh Rzavari.

Cafes, informal lounges, benches and meeting rooms are strategically placed throughout the building to support interaction and socialising among employees. The central atrium is dotted with cognac leather seating and palm trees, which are arranged across a cool granite floor, ready to welcome visitors. These convivial hubs are juxtaposed by calm zoned desk areas across all floors.
img.3 Its warm, Scandinavian style interior is clad in ash wood. Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.

Local architecture firm PLH are experienced in creating innovative workspaces; its Aller Building, for the Aller Media company, has been awarded by the City of Copenhagen for its considerate and eye-catching design. The new Maersk Oil’s headquarters can only follow suit. 
img.4 A central atrium is lit from above and welcomes visitors. Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.
img.5 Busy cafes, lounges and informal meeting areas dot the building. Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.
img.6 Danish architects PLH are experts in creating inspiring workplaces. Photography: Tomas Bertelsen.


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