The Extraordinary "Perspective" comes from London

Steel hemisphere with mirror-polished horizontal plane and vibrated lateral surface

A project by John Pawson and Swarovski Crystal Palace


During the London Design Festival 2011, John Pawson and Swarovski Crystal Palace produced an installation inside the monumental St. Paul’s Cathedral. The installation concentrates on the space of the geometric staircase in the tower to the right of the entrance; the architectural geometry is taken as a matrix of reference, and Pawson’s project underscores the vertical perspective of the space, through the use of light and visually unobtrusive elements that play with the principle of reflection and the magic of the mirror.

A steel hemisphere (1.2 meters in diameter) with a mirror-polished plane, custom made by the Italian company Marzorati Ronchetti, is positioned at the center of the staircase over the stone star on the floor inside the circumference defined by the staircase. The reflection of the spiral of stone on the steel surface is joined by the distorted, fascinating image created by the convex mirror placed at a height of 23 meters in the dome above, and the ulterior visual synthesis created by the concave circular Swarovski crystal (40 cm in diameter) placed at the center of the plane of the hemisphere.