Disused gas station turned into colorful venue for pop-up events

Artists Craig & Karl have transformed an abandoned gas station in London into a bright and bold canvas.

London, UK

#Art & Culture

img.0 All images © Jamie Mcgregor Smith.

Craig & Karl have playfully transformed a disused gas station in London’s white city district into a multi-colored canvas. ‘Here after’ pays homage to the region’s ties to British broadcasting history, mimicking the bright and bold hues of a television test card. ‘We view this project as the petrol station’s second life, or ‘wonder years’, which led us to use the words ‘here after’ as a reference to heaven or utopia,’ the duo describes. ‘Now that the petrol station has fulfilled its duty, so to speak, it’s free to enjoy itself.’
img.1 All images © Jamie Mcgregor Smith.

The previously unused site has been given new life through the addition of vibrantly painted stripes and colorful geometries, which wind and bend around former pumps and the station’s back wall. Craig & Karl have adopted this particular palette and composition in order to echo the unique history of the site — located between the BBC’s former headquarters, and the previous BBC media village. In an almost chaotic fashion, ‘Here after’ blends the duo’s signature stylistic cues with nostalgically-familiar television test signal patterns.
The realization of the project marks the first stage in a regenerative scheme for the petrol station, which will soon serve as a venue for a range of pop-up events.
img.2 All images © Jamie Mcgregor Smith.
img.3 All images © Jamie Mcgregor Smith.

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