Archi-fashion: AMO for Prada’s Fall/Winter 2017 show

For Prada's Autumn Winter 2017 show, AMO divided the catwalk into a series of colourful interiors with beds and benches.

Milan, Italy


img.0Prada: Fall/Winter 2017, Milan fashion week, Italy. Courtesy of OMA


Last week, Milan presented the Fashion Week where runway shows, presentations, and showrooms defined all trends for next fall-winter season. AMO's work for Prada's exhibition captured our interest. The studio showed a different approach the fashion show thanks to an innovative installation.

During the Milan fashion week, Prada presented the 1970s-inspired collection but the house firm wanted to come back to the essence and make a step away from "hyper-realistic" sets.

To join this philosophy, AMO – the sister firm to OMA – designed a catwalk that presented itself as a series of interior spaces. Prada and AMO vision lives in the idea that when issues of simplicity and essentiality are becoming increasingly relevant, we need to go back to basics, to abandon the construction of hyper-realistic and fully immersive sets in favour of a modest and domestic design. 

The catwalk was divided by a continuous wooden partition, which created a series of interior sceneries while the audience were seated on benches as well as double and single beds.

The partitions provided an individual perspective to each observer and all the guests share the same personal yet collective experience.

This isn’t the first partnership between Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas. In fact, thanks to the mutual friendship, Prada has collaborated with OMA and AMO for many years. 

The past year for example AMO builds public penance theatre for Prada's Autumn Winter 2016 fashion shows. 

The installation was used for Prada's menswear and pre-fall womenswear show, and to present womenswear during Milan Fashion Week 2016.

img.1Prada: Fall/Winter 2017, Milan fashion week, Italy. Courtesy of OMA

img.2Prada: Fall/Winter 2017, Milan fashion week, Italy. Courtesy of OMA

AMO by Koolhaas

In 1998 Koolhaas founded AMO dedicated to producing non-architectural works including exhibition, branding campainga and much more. During the years, the research arm of Ren Koolhaas’ Rotterdam-based firm OMA, AMO has produced work not only for Prada but for Universal Studios, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Harvard University, Condé Nast, Heiniken, Volkswagen and Ikea too.

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