Zordan: a story of quality
since 1965

shaping beauty Attilio Zordan, offering technical carpentry, founded Zordan srl sb in 1965. In the nineteen eighties and nineties, it created furniture of the highest quality and became a supplier to the Marzotto Group of furnishings for trade fairs. Since the dawn of the new millennium, thanks to the highly efficient management of quality and the production processes, it has become a leading player in the production of furnishings for the mono-brand stores of renowned luxury labels in Italy and abroad. 

In 2008, Attilio passed the baton to his three children, Maurizio, Marta and Alfredo, and the company began a process of internal management restructuring that paved the way for remarkable growth on international markets (+67.24% since 2008), establishing the company as the trusted supplier of leading luxury labels like Bulgari, Ferragamo, Tumi, Van Cleef & Arpels, always focusing on the craftsmanship and the quality. It is enjoying continuous growth of around 18 – 19% a year. In 2013, Zordan acquired Delta Arredamenti, a Vicenza company specialising in the manufacture of custom-made furniture for end customers and, thanks to this acquisition, it established a new corporate division to create top-of-the-range interiors.

Zordan now operates on the market with two brands:

Zordan Mono-Brand Shopfitting, the division that created mono-brand stores for Bulgari, Ferragamo, and other brands throughout the world, representing 81% of Zordan's turnover (only 5.82% in Italy);

Zordan Tailor-Made Interiors (19% of the turnover), the company’s new brand, which will be launched on July 1st, 2014, aimed at sophisticated, demanding clients with a range of top quality interior decor, designed and shaped to order in line with the tastes and wishes of each individual client.