Rossato "Home" collection: precious materials combined with simplicity

Italian Brand Rossato created pieces that always feature flawless finesses of craftsmanship.


img.0 All images courtesy of Rossato.

On the boundaries between technique and art, and craftsmanship and engineering, Rossato strives to create new designs that are artistically beautiful whilst accessible. Continuing this, the Rossato ‘Home’ collection combines handcrafted, luxurious materials with juxtapositional forms of simplicity. The modern, elegant yet exclusive furnishings aim to meet the cultured aspirations of travellers who seek a new sense of luxury. By blending traditions with contemporary, a series of chairs, armchairs, tables, benches, mirrors and séparé are enriched with a multitude of lines, volumes and textures.
img.1 The winding figure of the ‘Carlton’ chair mixes veneered walnut wood, leather and burnished metal.

Each furnishing piece of the Rossato ‘Home’ collection is united by their use of precious materials, sculpture of rigorous lines and its alternative impression of full but empty spaces. In spite of this, every design appears with a unique characteristic. This stems from the Italian brand’s principle-led manufacturing process, where, even though every single element may require detailed and automated machining, the pieces always feature flawless finesses of craftsmanship, be it with marble, fine fabrics, woods or metals.
img.2 The ‘Tiffany’ screen merges a retro flavor with contemporary allure.

‘Home’ is said to be a ‘timeless collection’ thanks to its union of knowledgeable, artisanal craftsmanship and use of advanced machinery. Four highlight pieces truly resonate these characteristics. these include: the quilted and leather- or refined velvet-adorning ‘Victoria’ armchair; the golden, burnished metal based ‘Gramercy’ poufs, which are available in three different sizes and covers its traditional padded tops with pastel-shade suede leather; the sculpted and light ‘stuart’ dining table that is composed of a rich material combination of black marble with rose-colored veinings and brushed brass; and the mosiac ‘empire’ séparé of precious stone, marble, wood and metal that unfolds to define new living spaces.
img.3 The ‘Victoria’ armchair is characterized by its quilted padding and satin-finished metal feet.

Since releasing its very first furniture piece in the 1960s, rossato have always aspired to convey a unique emotional impression through their designs. Bespoke is key to the brand as their clients have, and still are able to add personal touches to the products. Exemplified with the ‘home’ collection, their pieces can be truly characterized as timeless thanks to their hands-on yet forward-thinking approach.
img.4 The many materials of the ’Empire’ screen creates a contrasting composition of textures.
img.5 The trio of ‘Vanity’ mirrors use glass to enhance marble and stone textures.
img.6 The ‘Hudson’ screen highlights the versatility of wood through a contemporary design.
img.7 The simple geometry of the vintage style ‘Hampton’ cabinet creates a balance between full and empty spaces.
img.8 The ‘Mary’ armchair features a wood framework and bronzed steel trim that surrounds the seat in a sense of comfort.
img.9 The ‘Tuxedo’ cabinet is uniquely open on the upper part and closed on the bottom.
img.10 The ‘Gramercy’ poufs combine unexpected color and material combinations.
img.11 A contemporary setting defined by rossato ‘Home’ collection furnishings.


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