Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017

This edition saw contemporary studios take on architectural icons from the past.

Chicago, IL


img.0 Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017: Fiona Connor & Erin Besler – Photo by Tom Harris. All images courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017.

Make New History is the theme of the second edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial running until January 7, 2018. Artistic Directors Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee invited studios from around the world to look back in order to inform the present.
img.1 VERTICAL CITY: Tatiana Bilbao – Photo by Tom Harris.

“At a time when there is too much information and not enough attention, understanding the channels through which history moves and is shaped by architecture is more important than ever.” Explain Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, co-founders of Johnston Marklee architecture studio. Should then architecture find the motivation for new work within the discipline itself? Probably yes. Indeed the curators of Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 asked participants to reimagine spaces of the past as ideas for the future. Long-story-short: Make New History!
img.2 Ania Jaworska – Photo by Kendall McCaugherty.

The epicenter of the biennial is the Chicago Cultural Center where over 140 studios showcase installations, drawings, and immersive environments throughout the building’s three floors. They also transform the spaces of the venue turning long corridors into arcades, creating intimate salon-style galleries, and punctuating the exhibition with a series of unique lounges.
img.3 VERTICAL CITY, 6a Architects – Photo by Tom Harris.

At the Chicago Cultural Institute’s Yates Gallery, 15 monumental skyscraper models reimagine the historic 1922 competition won by Howells and Raymond Hood to re-design the Chicago Tribune Tower by John which hosts the city’s leading newspaper. Boston-Madrid based studio Ensamble envisioned a construction of aluminium tubes. 6a Architects proposed a totem of turned materials while New York practice MOS designed a stack of cast-glass cubes.
img.4 Caruso St. John & Thomas Demand – Photo by Tom Harris.

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017  features also 5 paper maquette Caruso St. John’s projects. The studio teamed with architectural photographer Hélèn Binet and artist Thomas Demand. The installation includes 2016 Stirling Prize Winning project for Newport Street Gallery developed in collaboration with Damien Hirst and the biomedical lab building for the University of Basel.
img.5 Installation by Toshiko Mori – Photo by Tom Harris.

Visitors to Millennium Park can plunge into a series of psychedelic, hand-colored photographs by artist James Welling at a larger-than-life scale, installed on the facade of the Chicago Cultural Center. These and other cutting-edge works are curated by Jesús Vassallo as part of a show-within-the-show entitled A Love of the World.
img.6 James Welling’s installation – Photo by Tom Harris.


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