Abandoned house in Lithuania transformed with colorful graffiti

Lithuanian illustrator A.Bran turned an old abandoned house in a bright and colorful artwork.

Klaipėda, LT

#Art & Culture

img.0 All images © Paulius Sadauskas.

Lithuanian freelance illustrator, A.Bran, has transformed an abandoned house into a bright urban space with his ‘scars over stars’ piece. The intervention was completed for the EDIT Street Art Festival in the port-city of Klaipėda in late June.

The house serves as a public artwork which has been used as a shelter by homeless people in unpopular neighborhood. A.Bran transformed the formerly grey and dilapidated structure into a work of art. His playful drawings bring sunshine and positive messages to a white backdrop. The bright piece now stands out from far away, drawing visitors and photographers to the site. The project serves as another successful component of the EDIT Street Festival, an annual traveling exhibition which creates works in different cities. This year, A.Bran gives back to his hometown of Klaipėda and brings a new layer of meaning to an underappreciated area of the city.
img.1 The large scale of the drawings make them easily visible to passerby.
img.2 Each facade is unique and contrasts with the old brick materials, weaving history with the modern addition.
img.3 The playful style combines a graffiti aesthetic with A.Bran’s signature cartoons and vibrant colors.
img.4 A hydraulic lift was used to help artists reach the highest points of the house.
img.5 The drawing was outlined and later painted with bright colors.
img.6 The graphic patterns and bright colors stand out against the crisp white wall.
img.7 Inspiring messages such as 'dream big' decorate the façade.
img.8 The dull home was painted a crisp white to serve as a backdrop for the painting which contrasts with the dark wood roof.
img.9 A team of artists helped A.Bran complete the project which required painting all facades of the house.
img.10 The home stands out from far away and draws visitors to the site which is an unpopular location of the port-city.


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