González "ephemeral architecture" fills Milano Lambrate's streets

Argentinian artist Daniel González returns to Milano Lambrate with a temporary exhibition among its streets.

Milan, IT

#Art & Culture

img.0 Photo courtesy of Daniel González Studio.

The Milano Lambrate Association is glad to present "Imaginary Country", a temporary exhibition by Daniel González which, starting September 2017, will fill the streets in the area for the following three months.
img.1 Photo courtesy of Daniel González Studio.

"Imaginary Country" explores a virtual tagging such as the hashtag in relation to a real, physical space, the Lambrate neighborhood. It is a semantic architecture made of "pascalles", a traditional Argentinian private communication system which employs hanging hand painted large stripes on the public streets. The artist realized a poetic and unconscious imaginary, inviting people passing by to re-imagine what they see every day.
img.2 Photo courtesy of Daniel González Studio.

A highly collective project, which once again, after the exhibition of 2007 "Homeless Rocket with Chandeliers" and a number of collaboration with the Design Week, underlines the creative relation between Daniel González and the Milano Lambrate area.
img.3 Photo courtesy of Daniel González Studio.