"Qwalala", a wall of colored glass for Le Stanze del Vetro

Located on San Giorgio Maggiore island is a colorful curving wall designed by American artist Pae White.

Venice, IT

#Art & Culture

img.0 Qwalala, Pae White.

Coinciding with the Venice Biennale, American artist Pae White has created a curving wall made of colored glass which forms an abstract impression on the landscape. Located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the architectural sculpture titled ‘Qwalala’ - commissioned by Le Stanze del Vetro - uses thousands of ‘bars’ handmade in Veneto.
img.1 Qwalala, Pae White.

‘Qwalala’ is a term invented by the Pomo tribe of native Americans which makes reference to the course of the Gualala river in northern California both in structure and layout. The color scheme and construction was chosen by Pae White in collaboration with Le Stanze del Vetro from thousands of random computer-generated combinations, using a software specifically designed for the project. From above the sculpture creates a snake-like imprint upon the environment. On closer inspection, entranceways are inserted within the design, allowing visitors to walk in and around the piece. These two perspectives change and distort depending on the viewpoint of the viewer which, combined with the position of the sun, establishes an evolving sculpture upon the island.
img.2 Qwalala, Pae White.
img.3 Qwalala, Pae White.
img.4  Qwalala, Pae White.
img.5 Qwalala, Pae White.

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