It’s a Sony exhibition: a last trip before changing

In spring of 2017 the Sony building in Ginza is set to be almost entire demolished and replace with a public park

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

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img.0The Sony's Building in Ginza, Tokyo

The past year Sony building in Ginza celebrated its 50th with It’s a Sony”  exhibition, a trip into company’ story across the years. The exhibition will end in march 2017 when the Sony building will almost entire demilished and replace with a public park.

In fact, the building is part of Ginza Sony Park project a multiphase development plan of company that will start converting the Yoshinobu Ashihara designed volume into a wood-clad public square and event space.

In advance of this though, Sony is taking a walk down memory lane with a two-part retrospective exhibition, taking a look at the grand history of the corporation and the effect their ideas, experimentations and myriad products have had on both technology and society in Japan and beyond. Last year, designboom got the chance to visit the exhibition and come face to face with just some of the ghosts of sony’s past.

img.1The Sony's Park in Ginza Project

It’s a Sony: a goodbye exhibition

The exhibition, which runs until the end of march, it’s a jump in tha past of the company and plays out over the building’s multiple floors, allowing guests to wander through aisles of the company’s most famous (and most forgotten) achievements. The company’s story is told passing through products, tools, toys and TVs whose brief resurrections. 

The redevelopment of the site it’s a symbol of Sony’s continue evolution and growth, according to Kazuo Hirai Sony’s CEO and president. It is an important initiative and the green space will be a location where visitors can enjoy unique kando experiences.

At sony, our spirit of innovation and challenge is founded on the principles of creating things that have never been seen before, and experiences that have never existed before”, those are Hirai words and vision. A concept that represent an antidote to affluent Ginza’s aggressive retail environment. The park will be open to guests until 2020 when the construction of a new building will begin. The new building will be ready in autumn of 2022.

img.2Sony's H-type tape recorder (1951)

img.3Sony's walkman TPS-L2, the first walkman overturned the concept of portable music

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