From Chicago to Rome, from Hong Kong to the Southern Pole here you are our top 10 architecture and design exhibitions in 2017


img.0"The Japanese House. Architecture and Life after 1945” Sou Fujimoto Architects, House NA, Tokyo, Japan, 2011 – Photo by Iwan Baan


New York City, Chicago, Rome, London and much more. All the 2017 most important exhibitions: don't miss them!

Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive (Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York City, USA: 12 June – 1 October 2017)

img.1Liberty Magazine Cover. 1926. Color pencil on paper. 24 1/2 x 28 1/4″ (62.2 x 71.8 cm). The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives – Courtesy of MoMA

On the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright birth, MoMA pays homage to one of the most prolific and renowned architects of the 20th century. The exhibition will collect 450 works made from the 1890s through the 1950s. Unpacking the Archive critically engages the architect’s multifaceted practice showcasing architectural drawings, models, films, furniture and more.

Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine (Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein, Germany: 11 February - 15 May 2017)

img.2“Hello Robot”: Raising Robotic Natives by Stephan Bogner, Philipp Schmitt and Jonas Voigt – Courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Science fiction becames reality in Vitra Design Museum. Hello Robot. Design between Human and Machine will present 3D printing robots, droids and drones and it wants to shows how robotics is changing our lives today – and how design is changing robotics. The exhibition presents examples of robots from homes, industry or medicine but not that only. It exhibits also media installations, computer games as well as examples from film and literature. The exhibition is also about ethical and political issues associated with robotics today. The exhibition will also travel to MAK Museum (21 June – 2 october 2016) and at Design Museum Gent in Belgium (27 October – 11 April 2017).

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945 (The Barbican, London, UK: 23 March – 25 June 2017)

The exhibition about Japanese architecture from the end to II World War 'till now had a great debout in Rome, at MAXXI. London is the next destination to go on show. The Japanese House presents some of the most exciting architectural projects and extraordinary examples of modern and contemporary design of the last 70 years. The exhibition features also cinema, photography and art.

Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection (M+ Museum of Visual Culture in Hong Kong, China: 30 November 2016 – 2 February 2017)

img.3Shifting Objectives, Histories: post-war Japan design – All photos: courtesy by M+ museum

Shifting Objectives at M+ Museum for Visual Culture looks into the continent’s history. Furniture icons and the challenges of contemporary Asian design from post-war Japan to Mao China and post-independence India. The focus is the evolution of history from a design point of view. The exhibition showcases more than 120 selected works from many Asian countries spanning from 1937 until now.

Chicago Architecture Biennial (Various locations in Chicago, USA: 16 September – 31 December 2017)

img.4Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015

Exhibitions, urban installations and temporary pavilions all around the city. The 2017 edition themed MAKE NEW HISTORY will focus on the efforts—across registers of building and discursive production—of contemporary architects to align their work with versions of history.

Álvaro Siza, Sacro (MAXXI National Museum of the XXI Century Arts, Rome, Italy: 9 November 2016 – 26 March 2017)

img.5“Alvaro Siza, Sacro” The Barbican, London – Photo by Fernando Guerra

The exhibition featuring Alvaro Siza drawings, projects and objects that reveal his relationship with the sacred. Great inclined walls, a sinuous layout, ample spaces alternating with others that are deliberately restricted in dialogue and contraposition with those of the museum designed by Zaha Hadid. Photos of a number of his projects taken by six international photographers describe both the environments designed by Siza in which religious ceremonies are practiced and the calm of the atmospheres in which nature and landscape are the principles of sanctity.

Sound waves (Design Museum Holon Holon, Israel: 1 June – 1 November 2017)

img.6Design Museum Holon, Israel – Photo by Israel Tourism, Flickr CC

In recent years, instinctual and natural sensory experiences such as hearing are increasingly influencing how we perceive, process, and communicate with the world around us, real and virtual alike. The exhibition will present sound objects, loudspeakers, and music designed by international designers, alongside interactive installations by local designers.

Vienna Biennale (Wien, Austria: 21 June – 1 October 2017)

Vienna Biennale will showcase visions of digital urbanism combining art, architecture and design. Creative spaces will open up for contemplating meaningful living and working and the sustainable use of robotics and artificial intelligence in the digital age.

Design Museum Dharavi (Based in Mumbai, India, but itinerant all year round)

img.7Design Museum Dharavi -. Courtesy of Design Museum Dharavi

The Design Museum Dharavi is the first museum of its kind, based in the homegrown neighbourhood of Dharavi, showcasing local talent through a nomadic exhibition space and employing design as a tool to promote social change and innovation on a global scale. The platform and innovative cultural institution celebrates the creative potential of Dharavi, one of the most neighbourhood located in the heart of Mumbai, India. Design Museum Dharavi will tour around the world – updates and can be found at

Antarctic Biennale (Antarctica: 27 March 2017)

“Antarctica is the ultimate land of freedom. An international agreements prescribes that Antarctica belongs to no country and it will be used exclusively for creative activity in the interest of mankind” says Alexander Ponomarev, commissioner of the 1st Antarctic Biennale.


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