Homage to Renzo Mongiardino (1916-1998)

The exhibition will take place from 28 September to 11 December in the Sforza’s castle.

MIlan, Italy

#Art & Culture

img.0Renzo Mongiardino - Heinz House, London - photo Massimo Listri

From 28th September to 11th December it will be possibile to visit the exposition “Homage to Renzo Mongiardino (1916-1998) Architect and scenographer” at the Sforza’s castle in Milan.

The exposition, developed by Tommaso Tovaglieri, with the consultation of Francesca Simone - Mongiardino’s granddaughter - tells the entire career of Mongiardino with more than 300 works. The aim of the exposition, ordered in seven chronological sections, is to return the intensity and the relevance not always recognized to this great.

img.1Sketch for Romolo Paganelli

The exposition introduces the artist through his family background, his degree with Gio Ponti at the Politecnico in Milan and through his very first works that will be decisive for his international success which starts in the 60’s with clients as Thyssen, Onassis, Agnelli, Rothschild. There will be place also for cinema and theatre: Mongiardino creates the scenographies for Tosca at Covent Garden starring Maria Callas and for The Taming of the Shrew with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. Both comedies were directed by Franco Zeffirelli. The exposition continues with his consacration during the 80’s and the 90’s when the aged architect – who was looking for an utopic city – started to deal with computer graphic.

img.2Sharp Home, New York - Photo Massimo Listri

Drawings skatches, maquettes and pictures which have never been shown before to the audience will be part of the Homage, thanks to Studio Michele De Lucchi and Francesco Dondina. Furthermore some images and videos by Floriana Chailly and Paolo Santagostino will show different interior spaces designed by the architect.

img.3 Versace Home, Milan - Photo Massimo Listri

img.4Setton Home, Paris - Photo Massimo Listri