The embrace chair strengthening bond between parent and premature baby

The beautiful piece of furniture has been made for the clinical environment.

Project by Ricky Kloosterman


img.0Images by angeline swinkels 

Offering a sensitive design solution to strengthen the bond between parents and their premature baby, design academy eindhoven graduate ricky kloosterman has designed ‘embrace’, a piece of furniture made for the clinical environment. having the understanding that the care for premature babies is a stressful time, new parents often find neonatal units overwhelming because of the little space for privacy and limited number of incubators.

Therefore, to promote skin-to-skin contact between the parent and child, the scheme features a organic, rounded form with a tall back. the curved sides are lined with hygienic imitation leather cushions to provide intimacy and warmth; all of which offers the family privacy and a sense of security in a soothing environment. large enough to fit at least two people comfortably, tubes and medical equipment can be hung and integrated subtly into the back of the seat.

img.1The compact design can be arranged around a neonatal unit

img.2The tall back a

img.3‘Embrace’ on display during the design academy eindhoven’s graduate showimage © designboom

img.4Medical tubes can easily be hidden and tucked away behind the cushioningimage © designboom

img.5Ricky koosterman with her embrace projectimage © designboom


Via Designboom