How floting reflections can light a multilevel staircase

"Wind" is the vertical structure creating dual light, upward and downward

A project by Johanna Grawunder


For the lighting of a multilevel staircase in a recently renovated castle in the Alps, Johanna Grawunder has proposed a system of lights that approaches the primary need to bring light into the shaft formed by the metal staircase, while projecting it outward as well, through a dynamic installation of precise floating signs produced by Marzorati Ronchetti for Ivan Mietton / IMDA 2011.

A vertical design of luminous segments called “Wind”, essential steel parallelepipeds (50 x 1 x 8 cm) with a double blade of Led light concealed along the larger narrow sides. The steel boxes mounted on steel cables placed at the ends overlap at variable angles, creating a dual light, upward and downward, and offering complete perception of the geometric cascade of light from every vantage point and every level.

A play of reflections and geometric forms that comes to terms with the linear design of the staircase and reveals the synergistic character of a project that mixes art and design in an effective game of contaminations.