Childhood memories protagonist at "Ascent" exhibition in London

Artworks in mirror-polished brass and painted carbon steel

A new colllection in the Haunch of Venison Gallery


Childhood recollections of the two designers, Jay Osgerby - grew up close to a Royal Air Force base - and Edward Barber - fascinated by boats and their design – take concrete form in a series of objects that evoke formal memories of those faraway worlds. Shiny portholes coloured with central light, consoles like airplane wings, a floating chandelier conceived as a light flying machine of days gone by, with an ethereal structure clad in Japanese paper.

An exhibition of highly iconic one-offs, of great materic impact. Marzorati Ronchetti has produced the entire collection, with the exception of the paper chandelier, using mirror-finish brass sheet, rounded on two sides for the vertical sculptural element, and only on the part below the top for the horizontal console.

For the two large conical portholes, the polished brass is joined by Nissan red painted carbon steel, a particularly dynamic, striking color specified by the designers.

img.0Ascent exhibition

img.1Collection piece

img.2Collection piece