Creating limits without walls: Cyril Lancelin pink balloons' pavilion

The Paris-based firm imagines a pyramid pavilion made from bubblegum pink balloons.

#Special Projects

img.0 All images © Town and Concrete.

Paris-based firm, Town and Concrete have imagined a pavilion composed completely from bubblegum pink balloons fastened together to form a gigantic pyramid structure. Led by French architect Cyril Lancelin, who experiments with the limits of architecture, the pavilion would be designed to be transported and used at different occasions from festivals to galleries.
img.1 All images © Town and Concrete.

The eye-catching renders show two cylindrical holes that puncture the walls of the pyramid allowing curious visitors to climb inside. The idea would be for hundreds of different-sized balloons to be randomly distributed and thanks to its inflatable nature, a large part of the experience would be for visitors to bounce and interact.
img.2 All images © Town and Concrete.

‘The holes are slightly sloped, making it difficult to climb the center, but it offers a challenge.’ says Cyril Lancelin, ‘these openings allow to have a view on the outside from the pyramid and the pyramid also becomes transparent from the outside. it is an experience on matter and form.’
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