Sustainability and hospitality design: Kengo Kuma eco-luxury hotel

The hotel will become a "green lung" for the neighborhood.

Paris, FR


img.0 Image © Luxigon / Courtesy of Kengo Kuma + Associates.

To be built above the railways in Paris’ rive gauche neighborhood, kengo kuma‘s ambitious "1Hotel Paris" project hopes to incorporate sustainable and hospitality design into one innovative eco-luxury hotel that will ultimately serve as a landmark, as well as a popular destination.
img.1 Image © Luxigon / Courtesy of Kengo Kuma + Associates.

The building itself will be overflowing with greenery, becoming a ‘green lung’ for the neighborhood. Wooden façade panels will be overlapped and arranged in an inconsistent manner to blur the shape of the structure. Meanwhile, the warm materiality of the wood will be integrated with metal panels to produce a soft, reflective effect.
img.2 Image © Luxigon.

"Within a series of repetitive volumes along the Avenue de France, our design strategy was to develop a sculptural form, as if shaped by natural erosion, allowing light to reach the avenue below,’ comments the firm.
Inside, landscaping continues to play an important role throughout Kengo Kuma‘s hotel proposal. The ground floor will be open to promote visual transparency and used for commercial and retail opportunities. A sport facility and business center (1Hotel), youth hostel (slo living), performance bar and restaurant, co-working space will offer guests and visitors a range of facilities.
img.3 Image © Luxigon.

As the levels go higher, the wooden panels begin to distort the view of the hotel rooms, while simultaneously providing privacy to the guests. The heart of the hotel will be open, with inner rooms with private balconies overlooking the garden oasis below. Lastly, at the top, the hotel will have a rooftop terrace overlooking the bustling neighborhood. The project is scheduled to be realized by 2022.
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