A Musical Plaza for the Botanical Gardens in Sydney

G. Mazars designed a musical pavilion for Sydney Rehearsal Follies competition.



img.0 The Musical Plaza.

French architect Guillaume Mazars proposes his latest musical pavilion in the Botanical Gardens of Sydney for the Archmedium competition, Sydney Rehearsal Follies. Removing the walls of the pavilion invites people to come and discover the music played by the students of the musical conservatory, generating a common space that can be admired by a broad audience. The intent is to design a low tech installation to complement the existing opera house, by offering an alternative experience to access the musical scene.
img.1 The Musical Plaza.

Mazars‘ Musical Plaza is covered by a large sail suspended by a network of cables tightened between the metallic blades. Additionally, the roof is built by banding translucent waterproof fabric that is pulled over the cables and joined together forming a light and luminous effect — this creates a shape that echoes the original design of the opera house. ‘The use of space inside the pavilion,’ explains Mazars, ‘is flexible and easy to reconfigure according to the different types of events such as traditional concerts with famous guests, impromptu live sessions by music-lovers, or even a platform to experiment.’
img.2 The spacious pavilion at sunset.
img.3 The roof forms a light and lumenous effect.
img.4 A preliminary design of mazars plaza.
img.5 A suggested division of the interior space.
img.6 A side view of the pavilion.

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