A multidimensional church in Copenhagen: NOMOstudio's vision

The architetcs worked to maintain the essence of the traditional church while envisioning a shape shifting geometric sculpture.

Copenhagen, Denmark


img.0 The multidimensional church by NOMOstudio

Accessible from both land and sea, this church proposal by Spanish/Swedish architecture practice NOMOstudio boasts a planned area for 20.000 people in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. Predominantly designed as a contemporary landmark, the architects capture the essence of a traditional church while still presenting a multidimensional place of worship.
img.1 The roof serves as a vertical park overlooking the water.

NOMOstudio’s Synhavnen church acquires a changing perspective while looking at it from different angles, just like a shape shifting geometric sculpture. In addition to its external multidimensionality, the structure should also offer spaces ‘for social and cultural activities, open 24/7’, as stated by co-founder Karl Johan Nyqvist. Indeed, the roof which would be accessible from the plaza in front of the church can be used for many church-related events — such as outdoor weddings, meditation classes, concerts etc. On the other hand, it can function as a vertical park for people to climb over and take part of the expansive sea view.
img.2 Church related events such as weddings can be held on the roof.
img.3 Interior recreational space.
img.4 Model detail.
img.5 Site plan: the location of the church has a prominent position just next to the water.
img.6 Site plan: the church would be accessible from both land and sea.
img.7 Elevations.
img.8 Section.
img.9 Diagrams.

Pictures: NOMOstudio.

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