The High House above snowy Quebec countryside by Delordinaire

Canadian firm Delordinaire has created High House, a private house overlooking the Mont Sainte Anne in Quebec

Quebec, CA


img.0Photograph by Olivier Blouin

Emerging from its snow covered hillside location in Quebec, Canada, the stark-white gabled structure stands as a private chalet residence designed by Delordinaire. The pitched silhouette is offset by the minimalist structural support which lends in creating a protected ground floor area that can be used throughout the year.
img.1Photograph by Olivier Blouin
Named the ‘High House’, the architects at Delordinaire have explored the limit between interior and exterior to foster an unusual, and isolated getaway where the residents can be immersed in the wintry landscape. The chalet runs on an energy efficient system and entry inside is gained via a staircase from beneath. Once inside, the compact space is wrapped in wood to provide a cozy retreat protected from the elements. A combination between the elevated positioning and large windows offer an uninterrupted view of the distant Mont Saint Anne- especially from the lounge area.
img.2Photograph by Olivier Blouin
The clean, sharp lines and archetypal volume allows the building to cut a clear form against its context. The minimal and all-white materials used, including concrete panel cladding and the roof topped with corrugated steel allows the chalet to almost disappear during the winter, meanwhile stand out on a summer’s day.
img.3Photograph by Olivier Blouin
The house is lifted for protection against the snow and to serve as a sheltered outdoor space.
img.4Photograph by Olivier Blouin
Entrance is through a staircase from beneath structure.
img.5Photograph by Olivier Blouin
Light illuminates from within through the polycarbonate window.
img.6Photograph by Olivier Blouin
The clean, sharp lines are emphasized through the use of white concrete panel cladding and corrugated steel roof panels.
img.7Photograph by Olivier Blouin
The stilt typology raises the house above the surrounding tree line giving it an uninterrupted view of the mountains.

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