The Piano Nobile at the Palazzo Molin in Venice to sell at auction

The 15th century contemporary residence will sell through Concierge Auctions.

Venice, Italy

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img.0Palazzo Molin, Venice

A 15th century contemporary residence located on the water in the heart of Venice, Italy - a modernized property bringing a rare opportunity to the marketplace - will sell at auction on November 17 through industry leader Concierge Auctions.

img.1Palazzo Molin, Venice

With one palazzo for every 300 inhabitants in Venice’s center, the historic city abounds in some of Europe’s finest examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. However, due to the combination of access issues, technical requirements and heritage legislation, the modernization process of these homes is a logistical and bureaucratic challenge, resulting in just 10 percent of Venice’s historic properties being modernized. Rarely coming to market, this golden 10 percent are watched by discerning buyers across the world.

img.2Palazzo Molin, Venice

Offering four outdoor patios and breathtaking canal views on both sides, the Piano Nobile at the Palazzo Molin is a six-bedroom, five-bathroom palazzo is located in one of this city’s most iconic Gothic buildings. The property features structural traceries, quatrefoil windows, high ceilings and ample gallery wall space.

img.3Palazzo Molin, Venice

Previously listed for €7.7 million, the property will sell at or above €4.5 million in cooperation with Ann-Marie Doyle of Venice Sotheby’s International Realty.

img.4Palazzo Molin, Venice

“The apartment represents a fantastic short-term rental opportunity, with potential buyers able to make a strong return on investment when not using the apartment themselves,” Doyle stated.

img.5Palazzo Molin, Venice

img.6Palazzo Molin, Venice

Charlie Smith, Concierge Auctions’ European advisor, added: “The reserve price of this apartment represents excellent value for money, with the price per square foot offering the possibility of a 40 percent saving on other apartments within this unique palazzo.”

img.7Palazzo Molin, Venice


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