Quality of Materials by Fort Standard features stone cabinets and chairs entirely made in leather

The collection of furniture that explores new ways of using conventional design ingredients.



Fort Standard presents “Quality of Materials” a collection of furniture that explores new ways of using conventional design ingredients. The series comprises a chair entirely made of leather, a coffee table, a bench and a table made by triangular wooden tubes and a container-looking cabinet made of thins stone slabs.

img.1Quality of Materials collection – All photos, courtesy of Fort Standard.

Qualities of Material collection “further explores the experimental dimension of our creative process by pushing natural materials beyond conventional limits and applications” say in a statement Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, founder of Fort Standard.


Relief Stone cabinet is composed of three stackable stone boxes that rest on a hard maple base with six heavy duty leveling feet. The design reminds of containers and industrial storage unit while the use of stone adds a quirky and stylish feel.

The triangular relief pattern milled into the exterior panels of this cabinet removes excess weight while the remaining ribs retain the material’s strength. The cabinet comes with six doors but it is also available as a single-unit with one door.


The collection comprises also the Assemblage set of wooden furniture including dinner table and a coordinated bench. Hundreds of thin, hard maple slats are assembled into the triangular tubes used to create the hollow top surfaces and hexagonal legs of this matching dining set.

Also the Assemblage coffee table features is made of maple triangular tubes. All the parts are assembled vertically in order to compose the hexagonal surface and extruded legs of the design.


Quality of Materials collection comprises also the Stacked Leather Chair. Vegetable tanned leather is stacked and rolled to create the structural components of this entirely leather occasional seating.



Fort Standard is a New York based contemporary design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. Often pairing traditional methods of production with innovative ways, the designers have developed a unique form language rooted in simplicity and functionality.



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