Useful sculpture

A sheet of brass ingeniously transformed into a sculptural object that can be used as a seat and a console.

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img.0Oudjat - Xavier Lust

Can a work of art be used for ordinary daily activities, such as sitting or for placing objects on? And can a work of design take on artistic form without losing the necessary ergonomic properties? In both cases, the response of Xavier Lust – the prolific Belgian designer who loves to work with metal – could only be in the affirmative.

“Oudjat” is confirmation of that: this is a truly useful sculpture, the outcome of the merger of two objects – a seat and a console – in a formal concept that combines tension and harmony.  Skilfully cut, shaped and welded by the master forgers of Marzorati Ronchetti, the original sheet is transformed into a medley of gentle curves that develop freely in the space.

The captivating play of form and the utter quality of the sophisticated surfaces by Lust give new meaning to two simple functions, transcending the typical banality of waiting rooms in order to increase the intrinsic expressive potential: with “Oudjat”, relaxation and waiting are accompanied by stimulating company.

The design refers to a known Egyptian hieroglyph - the eye of the Falcon God, from whom it takes its name, a symbol of protection. With its freedom of movement and equilibrium of form, as well as the remarkable lightness and rigidity, "Oudjat” is a prestigious article of furniture, recommended for exclusive and sophisticated surroundings.

We asked Xavier Lust why he chose brass for this project.

“It is a luxury material that can be shaped precisely, as required by the design. The surface appearance of brass can be burnished and treated in many ways."

What were the main difficulties in the project?

“At the design stage, we had to work hard to find the perfect match of the development plan with the end form. During the construction, we found a way to make Oudjat sufficiently rigid, without increasing the weight.”

Why did you involve Marzorati Ronchetti?

“Marzorati Ronchetti is very well known for its great ability in metal works: the first meeting with Stefano Ronchetti took place in April 2000, during a visit to the company.”

Produced in a limited edition (eight examples plus four Artist proofs), the work is available in two versions ('Médaille' burnished brass or silk satin-finished) and is life-size (length 209 cm, width 58 cm, height 88 cm), emphasising the two ways of interpretation, artistically and functionally. 

img.1Oudjat - Xavier Lust


The genius of lamina

One of the most acclaimed contemporary designers, Xavier Lust designs pieces of furniture and accessories, art-design, interior architecture and sculptural installations in urban areas, and he is especially well known for his extraordinary creativity in using metals.

The skill in folding and bending sheets of metal into tree-dimensional shapes that that are as original as they are simple has marked numerous collaborations with some of the most important Italian manufacturers of

furniture and design objects. His professional activity includes designs for stores, offices, bars, restaurants and private residences, in addition to works created for various art galleries.

Among many awards, “La Grand Table” won a Special Mention at the XX Compasso d'Oro. Some of his most acclaimed creations are exhibited in the leading museums of contemporary art, including “Crédence” (2006 - Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris) and “PicNik” (2006 - Tate Modern, London). 

img.2Oudjat - Xavier Lust


Tailoring in metal

Founded in 1922 in Cantù, Marzorati Ronchetti boasts 94 years of research, a high degree of professionalism and a solid artisan tradition in the artistic processing of metal. Already among the avant-garde of the nineteen fifties in the wake of significant creations in stainless steel, the company is today an international ambassador of “Made in Italy” design.

Marzorati Ronchetti's workshop is where the wishes and visions of the greatest artists, designers and architects of our time take form, from Lord Norman Foster to Ron Arad, from Mario Bellini to Antonio Citterio, from Thomas Heatherwick to Peter Marino, along with Italo Rota, Adam Tihany, Sir Anthony Caro, Piotr Uklanski and many others. 

The firm has the utmost dedication to the search for beauty and a unique ability to overcome any technical challenge, whatever the scale, from design objects to works of art, from interior architecture to the facade of a building, as long as they are works that are unique of their kind. Only one thing is constant: the greater the complexity of the project, the better the results obtained.

img.3Oudjat - Xavier Lust