“Oudjat”: a blend of tension and harmony for the XXI Triennale International Exhibition

Xavier Lust presents his creation "Oudjat", realized by Marzorati Ronchetti.

Triennale Exhibition, Milan



img.0Xavier Lust "Oudjat" - XXI Triennale Exhibition - Milan

After twenty years, the Triennale International Exhibition of Milan returns to the city from April 2 and September 12 2016, one of the most authoritative events in the panorama of design at the global level that interrogates, in many forms, the urgent, current issues facing society.The exhibition will revitalise Milan with a full programme of events connected to art, including shows, festivals, conventions and talks, and will see the presentation of “Oudjat”, a prestigious article of furniture conceived by Xavier Lust – renowned Belgian designer – and produced in a limited edition by Marzorati Ronchetti, the “bespoke tailor in metal" that has collaborated with the world's most important artists, architects and designers for almost a century.

img.1Xavier Lust "Oudjat" - XXI Triennale Exhibition - Milan

Inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyph of the same name, “Oudjat” the outcome of the merging of two objects – a seat and a console – in a formal concept that combines tension and harmony, uniting two ordinary, everyday functions – sitting down and writing – in a single object, featuring gentle curves that develop freely in space, able to enhance the most sophisticated reception areas.

img.2Xavier Lust "Oudjat" - XXI Triennale Exhibition - Milan

The captivating play of form and the absolute quality of the sophisticated surfaces created by Lust give new meaning to the two simple functions, transcending the typical banality of reception rooms in order to increase the intrinsic expressive potential.

img.3Xavier Lust "Oudjat" - XXI Triennale Exhibition - Milan